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Enriqueta's Cafe Closed Due to Electrical Fire

There's nothing worse than walking to Enriqueta's Café ready to down a scrumptious pan con bistec than to find the place closed and a smoky stench.

That's right. Tragedy struck the neighborhood favorite last night.

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An electrical fire hit last night around 8. Fire rescue rushed to the scene and contained the blaze, but the damage had been done. Technicians and Enriqueta's staff continue to work on the situation today.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical fires claim the lives of 280 Americans each year and injure 1,000 more. Some of the blazes are caused by electrical system failures, but many more are caused by incorrectly installed wiring and overloaded circuits and extension cords. In a typical year, 26,000 home fires are reported, resulting in $1 billion in property losses.

Today, countless Enriqueta's customers arrived looking for their lunch fix. Like a tape recorder, owner Jose Luis Pla told them, "We're closed," almost as if on playback.

Thankfully, no severe damage was caused in the kitchen or dining room, but Enriqueta's will remain closed till further notice.

"Maybe a month," Jose said. 

"Two to four weeks," his daughter corrected him.

We're as hopeful and impatient as she is. It's a sad day in Wynwood.

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