Rice House of Kabob Opening in Mary Brickell Village

Rice House of Kabob extends its Persian empire with the opening of a new Brickell location Monday (50 S.W. 10th St., Miami). Operating since 2003, existing outposts in SoBe, Doral, Kendall, and North Miami are apparently doing well mass-marketing the Middle-Eastern fast-food concept. With the proliferation of local restaurants spreading wings in the area (La Sandwicherie, Burger & Beer Joint, Crazy About You, and Lime

-- the original master of local manifest destiny), it would seem

that downtown residents are officially able to support the growing chain


Although it doesn't exactly appear ready for business (the phone number is still unpublished, plastic covers the windows), owner Reza Shabani says they are on schedule for opening day. He says he's "been searching for a good location in Brickell for while and this became

available. It is spacious and represents Rice in every shape and form." The concept will not differ from existing restaurants, the no-fuss modern diner aesthetics remain, as does the menu.

The highly affordable offerings cover a range of traditional

specialties, which are slightly watered down to appeal to our American

sensibilities. Simple tastes can opt for "joojeh" ($7.95 for the wrap,

$9.63 with rice), chunks of marinated chicken breast, char-broiled until

a dark, crispy edge forms; or a "kubideh" platter ($9.95), made with

ground sirloin and a mysterious blend called the "special house

seasoning." Naturally, there are several versions of rice on the menu

($5.99 - $6.99), you'll find anything from baby lima beans to sauteed

barberry in your bowl. Hummus ($3.95), grape leaves ($3.95), falafel

($9.29) surprises here, just basic, tasty versions of what the public

considers Persian comfort food.

Much like Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, an emphasis on "fresh ingredients" and

less fat is the Rice House of Kabob family motto. Shabani certainly

feels the need for food diversity in the area. "I am sure

the Brickell neighborhood has been waiting for healthy food, for


Late night service is in the plan for Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday, for now they are open from 11 a.m. until midnight. Delivery is scheduled to begin in two weeks, until then, you'll have to get off the couch to have "a rice day."

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