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Sneak Review: Fin & Q

A little bait to hopefully hook you into reading next week's Cafe review of Eismann's two:

A fisherman would consider our experience here extremely successful: All the big ones were hooked, even if some small fries got away -- meaning main plates of grouper, halibut, and striped bass were fresh, adeptly prepared, and accompanied by simple yet flavorful sides, while predinner bread slices were dried out, and a cellophane packet alongside clam chowder was filled with stale oyster crackers

The ribs were meaty, juicy, and assertively rubbed with dry spices. Some patrons might be put off by the firm nature of the meat -- more similar to Chinese spare ribs than fall-off-the-bone soft -- but I liked the freshness and appreciated the texture: tender but not mushy. The chicken was especially noteworthy -- smoky mahogany-hued skin protecting a moist, flavorful, prebrined bird. This is a great plate of food for $18.

Q American Barbeque/Fin
4029 N. Miami Ave., Miami