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Alejandro Pinero to Cook Hani Khouri Bigtime Feast Friday, Cost: $190

Local international businessman turned goat farmer Hani Khouri. is being recognized by a group called Outstanding in the Field. (We hinted about this last November.) The group recognizes hard-working farmers who produce crops and/or products of the highest caliber. They honor their chosen farmers with an exclusive dinner on their property for a mere 100 guests who are treated to a four-course meal cooked by the finest chefs.

The chef du jour for Hani's dinner will be none other than Chef Alejandro Pinero of Sustain.

We spoke to Hani who told us, "I'm excited to host the Outstanding in the Field Dinner at my farm. I have a beautiful space in the front and back of the house." And when asked why goats and not cows he answered, "It's overdone. Cows have a large eco-footprint and emit a lot of methane gas. My goats are 100% organic and free range. They also don't take up nearly as much space as a cow would." 

Hani also told us we can expect some goats milk ice cream for an appetizer with salad, which I'm looking forward to trying. I'm sure Chef Alejandro Pinero will be inspired by Hani's goat milk and cheeses in creating his four course meal.

If you can find your way into this party, you'll join Hani and Outstanding in the Field tomorrow, Friday, January 6 at 3 p.m. for a meal you will never forget. Tickets are $190 and include hors d'oeuvre reception, four course wine paired meals, and gratuities. One things for sure-- we can expect plenty of goats milk ice cream and cheeses.

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