New York Bagel Deli Fills Hole in Downtown Miami

The New York Bagel Deli quietly opened on East Flagler Street downtown a few months ago. Residents of Miami Beach might know the business -- it's been operating on Collins and 65th for the past 14 years.

The deli is spacious and boasts a wide array of bagel flavors, including a dark, wheaty Mediterranean (in photo after flip), which has olive oil, sesame and poppy seeds, garlic, and parmesan upon it.

The menu covers a lot of ground as well, with juices, smoothies,

coffees, salads, pizza bagels, scrambled egg platters, and dozens of

bagel-based sandwiches, including all sorts of egg-based ones and

weirdly flavored cream cheese-filled ones (strawberry, honey-peanut

butter, artichoke, spicy eggplant, etc.).

Bagels are a bit too Einstein-y for my tastes -- meaning soft exteriors

rather than crisp ones. Still, at least they're fresh. And the

sandwiches aren't skimpy -- the cream cheese is fearlessly schmeared

on, and an egg-and-cheese on bagel was equally generous.

Bagels go for $1.19 apiece (yikes!); a bakers dozen is $10.99.

New York Bagel Deli

155 E. Flagler St., Miami