Fuse Science Announces Michael Vick As Partner, Spokesperson; Is It Too Early? UPDATED

​Editor's Note: We originally reported Michael Vick was hired by Fuze, the beverage company. In actuality, Vick was hired by Fuse Science energy and nutrition. We regret the error.

Michael Vick is now an equity partner in Double Eagle Holdings, which owns the Fuze beverage company Fuse Science energy and nutrition. The company released a press release Wednesday announcing that Vick, "one of the most dynamic athletes in the National Football League," is its new spokesperson.

Is it just me or is this just too soon? I mean the guy was just released from prison in 2009 for taking part in a vicious and cruel dogfighting ring, which he financed, in his own home. This "all-star" was responsible for the severe mistreatment of dogs -- and by severe I mean torture and death. Does that sound like the kind of person you'd want as a spokesperson?

Apparently, the food and nutrition industries think Vick is exactly the kind of personality to represent them. The year Vick returned to the NFL, Subway named him the "Subway Sportsman of the Year."

I know he went to jail and I know he served his time, but with the taint of torture so fresh in our minds, it is a boner move to make Vick a spokesperson for anything, except maybe an anger management clinic.

Because the truth is, that no matter how talented he is and no matter how much money he makes, he is (was?) a scumbag. Only someone without scruples would intentionally inflict pain and snuff the life out of another living creature without reason. And by 'reason' I don't mean intent, explanation, or excuse, but rather rational purpose

But, Michael Vick isn't rational. The evidence of his irrationality lies in the fact that he financed a dog fighting ring when he had a $130 million NFL contract and had tens of thousands of fans and admirers. And it is further proven by the fact that he won't sit down and shut up until we can forget what he did.

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