Benihana: Get A Birthday Meal For $0.00

Benihana, the Miami-based Japanese steakhouse, wants to wish you a happy birthday. They are giving away a $30 gift certificate.

In order to claim the free birthday meal, sign up for the Chef's Table at the Benihana web site, provide some personal info and an email address and they'll email a gift certificate during the month of your birthday.

There are no strings attached except the certificate must be redeemed within one month and can only be used Monday through Thursday.

Specializing in Japanese cuisine and sushi, Benihana has 116 locations worldwide, including three in Miami. It is best known for knife-wielding, joke-telling teppanyaki chefs who make theatrically-prepared meals on a flat iron griddle surrounded by guests.

Traditional teppanyaki emphasizes preparation and knife skills. Benihana introduced this unique style of food preparation to America with the opening of its first restaurant, according to its web site.

Their menu includes chicken, steak and seafood entrees--all prepared on teppanyaki or hibachi, with salads, noodle and tofu soups and desserts. They also have a wine, beer and saki menu, as well as lunch specials like the popular Lunchboat, which includes a choice of chicken, beef Julienne or salmon, shrimp and vegetable tempura, sashimi and a half California roll served with edamame, miso soup, salad, steamed rice and fresh fruit.

Menu prices range between $18 and $45 per entree, but you're paying for food and a show in one.

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