Urban Forager Challenge: How Many Free Fries Can You Get at Burger King?

Today is Friday, it's the end of the week, so why not treat yourself by getting a free value order of fries at any Burger King?

The Miami-based firm is promoting the new version of its fried potato bonanza by giving away a free order to every single customer, no purchase required.

Available since December 5, the new fry is a thicker-cut, more golden and allegedly crispier. The thicker-cut fry promises to deliver a fluffy, potato flavor with each bite.

Bet you can't just get one, right? Of course not.

We would like to, therefore, issue a challenge to all aspiring urban foragers looking to build a little street cred: go out there and get as many free fries as you can.

Anybody who gets the most fries rightfully deserves to be called "The King." We would like to know how you did, so post your results in the comments section of this page. Back your story up somehow, with a video, audio, a vivid description, etc.

An opportunity like this doesn't come around too often, and there are at least 30 Burger King restaurants in Miami-Dade alone, so you could be busy all day. Get crackin'. Forget the three square meals per day, stuff your face with French fries.

If you manage to hit up the same place more than once for some free fries -- which is technically not allowed -- then kudos to you. Just cycle through the registers during their busiest hour, and hopefully they won't notice you.

More scrupulous types can visit lots of restaurants. Tell us how many you hit up.

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