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E11even Miami's Rick Grand Shows Us How to Roll a Cigar in Cognac (Video)

Rick Grand might just have the best job in Miami. As general manager of E11even, the dapper gentleman works alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world. Of course, there's more to being a general manager of a mega-club that never sleeps. You have to be a master at time management, have mad people skills, and know how to roll a cigar in cognac.

Grand, who fashions himself a cigar aficionado, says that, although he doesn't smoke everyday, there's nothing like a great cigar after a long day at work or a good meal, "preferably a nice, oily Connecticut Shade Wrap with a leathery binder to sink my teeth into. I also like the aroma and draw of an aged cigar."

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What about ladies who enjoy cigars? Grand's all for empowering (and encouraging) women to enjoy a good cigar.

"Well, as far as ladies go, it is like a taboo. The perception often is that cigars are a man's thing in most people's mind. Contrary to the prevailing view, when a woman handles a cigar, it just looks sexy, provocative and sensual. As far as men go, cigars are a symbol of status, 'I have arrived' but for the woman it is the embracing of her femininity and empowerment in a 'man's world.'"

For ladies and gents who want to indulge in a good smoke, E11Even's cigar humidors carry an ever-changing selection of some of the best cigars in the world, with prices that range from a $20 Punch to a $110 Opus X Lost City.

To enhance the experience, any cigar can be rolled in a Louis X111/Grand Marnier blend (at market price) which enhances the smoking experience, as Rick Grand explains. "A great Cognac imparts a touch of sweetness and smoky flavor to the cigar. The cognac really slows the burn down making the smoke much longer, more mild and warm."

But, even as the multi-talented nightclub executive makes the roll look easy, he warns that it's a potentially explosive situation. Best to just leave it to the pros at E11even.

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