L'Entrecote de Paris: Authentic Steak Frites Coming to Brickell

Have you ever been to a restaurant where there are too many choices? Did you ever wish you could just walk into a nice bistro where they would bring you a well-executed plate of food and a glass of wine -- like in those movies where people never seem to actually peruse a menu or order, but a meal simply appears?

Well, if a restaurant that makes only one thing (but makes it really well) sounds soothing in your increasingly difficult life, you need only wait another month for the opening of L'Entrecote de Paris at 1053 SE First Ave. in Brickell.

The restaurant, which is famous in Paris for serving steak frites -- and only steak frites -- is opening in Brickell in May 2013 as part of an expansion and will be the first location in the United States (not to be confused with the now-defunct South Beach eatery of the same name).

The steak frites are served with a secret 21-ingredient sauce and salad. Oh, and a really good wine selection accompanies your meal. The bistro, after all, is from France.

While the thought of a restaurant serving only one dish might sound strange to us Americans with our Cheesecake Factory menus that feature more than a dozen pages of offerings, it's not so uncommon in Europe, where restaurants often have a specialty dish.

So far, we don't have a price for the steak frites, but we'll keep you updated as more information comes in.

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