Anokha, Hakkasan, Chu, Susan Boyle, and Vegans in Hell

Kurma Chameleon
Anokha Restaurant number two has apparently bit the dust. When it first opened a decade ago on Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove, this was a very good place for Indian food. Over the years it slipped little by little, and then last year moved to Virginia St. We wonder: Was this a case of bad karma or bad kurma?

Another Death at The Versace Mansion?
Short Order's intrepid undercover reporter, Strep Throat, whispers that Loftin's 1116 Ocean at Casa Casuarina, is falling behind on paying the bills. At least we think that's what he said -- hard to tell with that scratchy voice and all. (Loftin says the place "is doing quite nicely in spite of the economy.")

Yes, Virginia, Vegans Go To Hell Too
Ate at Om Garden recently. The organic vegetarian fare was flavorful, the smoothies excellent, the vegan chocolate cake admirable. The cook and owner seem to be extremely nice people. As for the über-glum ambiance: If Hell opened up a luncheonette for its' vegan members, it would look like this.

A New Chu
Chef Chu of the former Mr. Chu's in South Beach, along with wife Norika, is holding the grand opening of Chu's tonight and tomorrow night (Friday/Saturday) in Coral Gables (2728 Ponce de Leon Blvd.). Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

What's The Chinese Word For Wal-Mart?
Hakkasan's show plates are from Germany. Evidently the management team couldn't find any dishes made in China.

Sour Grapes
In light of the years I spent perfecting my Julia Child impression, I'm a little miffed that Hollywood went with conventional pick Meryl Streep to portray her in the upcoming film. And if it wasn't going to be me, I think the studio should have at least considered Susan Boyle. She looks a lot more like Julia than Meryl does. Guess I'll have to start working on my Emeril. BAM! (Hey, that was pretty good!).