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Burger Beast App Party: A Dance Party With Food Trucks (Pictures)

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Sixty food trucks celebrated Burger Beast Sef Gonzalez's food truck iPhone App release this past Friday evening at Tamiami Park. From the long lines to get into the park to the throngs of people, one would have thought the fair came to town early.

In fact, the Friday evening roundup resembled a fair midway in many respects. True, there were no questionable safe rides or carnies enticing you to play a game of chance in the hopes of walking away with a giant stuffed SpongeBob SquarePants, but there were what looked like thousands of people eating, laughing and dancing (yes, dancing) the night away.

As for the food trucks, each mobile unit had close to a dozen people on line at any given time, though the sheer number of trucks cut down on the waiting times. We timed an average of 10-20 minutes from lineup to food service at a few trucks, and most people were happy to wait.

By the end of the evening, many trucks started running out of items. Nacho Bizness put up an "out of fish"sign, The Fish Box ran out of its famous minuta sandwiches and Sugar Yummy Mama was cleaned out of everything but beverages by the night's end. Seems like everyone had a great evening.

People lining to cool down with Kona Ice.

Classic steaks in beef and chicken from the Cheese Steak Gourmet. Though lines were long, service was quick.

Burger Beast Sef Gonzalez was on hand to give out promotional items, like this cool surfboard and an iPad 2.

A "good sign." Aaron Byers of Nacho Bizness ran out of fish, but there were plenty of other options for hungry taco fans.

Conga line at a food truck roundup? Absolutely!

Trucksters Richard Hales (Dim Ssäm à Gogo), Giselle Pinto (Sugar Yummy Mama), David Garcia (The Fish Box) and Steve Simon (Food Truck Invasion).

Carmen Miranda eats at the food trucks, too. Who knew?

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