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Sneak Review: Smoke't Southern Kitchen & Tap

A mere charcoal briquet from next week's glowing? fizzling? Cafe review:

Main courses come with any two of 15 "fixin's", which if ordered a la carte would range in price from $2.95 to $6.25. There are, again, inconsistencies within the category, although plusses outnumbered minuses. Jalapeño mac & cheese hit the spot in a piping hot, cheesy way; cole slaw is homemade, flecked with caraway seeds, and not overly sweet; franks and beans with crisp onions are sweet, but delicious. Jalapeño cornbread -- two thin, wide, moist planks dotted with corn kernels and bits of pepper -- is simply the finest around. Hush puppies, however, were stiff and lukewarm (these really have to be served straight from the fryer to work), and Brussels sprouts with applewood-smoked bacon arrived overcooked and sour.
Smoke't Southern Kitchen & Tap
1450 South Dixie Hwy., Coral Gables