Coconut Bacon: Salty, Smoky and Pig-Free

Everyone loves bacon. Well, except pigs. And people who like pigs. Some of us prefer our swine alive and snorting.

For those who love the taste of bacon, but not so much what it's made of, there haven't been too many tasty alternatives. But now there's Coconut Bacon, a product of Phoney Baloney's and on sale at Fresh Markets nationwide. It's salty, smoky, and does a bang-up job of impersonating bacon bits.

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There's nothing pork about the ingredients. Instead, the crunchy bits are made with organic coconut; organic tamari (water, certified organic non-GMO soybeans, salt); maple syrup; liquid smoke (water, natural hickory concentrate); grapeseed oil; sea salt; pepper, and other spices.

The end result is smoky and savory with a hint of sweetness. They taste pretty similar to bacon bits, though markedly less fatty.

So how do you use coconut bacon? The company (which was launched via an Indiegogo campaign) suggests putting them on a peanut butter and banana sammie (a la Elvis), cooking up a BLTA, or adding them to a vegan cheese ball.

They're also pretty snackable straight out of the package. And at only 25 calories in two tablespoons, they've got bacon beat in the good-for-you department.

Oh, and they'll be releasing new flavors soon, including chipotle BBQ, apple fennel, and candied.

For now, you can pick the original up at Fresh Market for $5.99. It's not pig flesh, but it should do.

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