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Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop Looks Set To Reopen Soon

When Enriqueta's closed in April because of an electrical fire, Wynwood residents collectively moaned.

At first, the little Cuban cafe seemed poised to reopen in a few weeks. The restaurant suffered no massive damage to the kitchen and dining room, and owner Jose Luis Pla was optimistic that Enriqueta's would open in "maybe a month". A month turned into six weeks, and the restaurant still did not reopen.

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We passed by yesterday and saw activity. Although still closed, two men were moving drywall into the restaurant. Another man, who did not identify himself, said the restaurant was sold and that the plan was to reopen as soon as next week. (Short Order hasn't had any luck getting in touch with Pla to confirm that news, but we'll update the post if we do hear back.)

The restaurant will apparently continue to be called Enriqueta's. The menu, hopefully, will remain the same as well. When you're one of Miami's top ten Cuban restaurants, you might want to keep as much of the original charm (and recipes) as possible.

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