Blue Collar's Latkes Named Among the Country's Ten Best for Chanukah

Chanukah starts tonight, which means eight nights of presents, dreidel spinning, and chomping on some tasty latkes.

If you're looking for the best latkes in Miami (and your bubbe happens to be busy), look no further than Danny Serfer's Blue Collar restaurant, which features Chanukah latkes on its year-round menu.

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The small, casual restaurant's potato pancakes were just listed in USA Today's "Ten Best Places for Latkes", sharing the spotlight with iconic delis like New York's Katz's Delicatessen (home of the orgasm-inducing sandwich a la When Harry Met Sally); the Famous 4th Street Delicatessen in Philadelphia, which opened in 1923; and Chicago's Manny's Cafeteria and Delicatessen, where notables like President Obama have enjoyed a good meal since 1942.

Blue Collar was the only Miami-area restaurant to be given a place in the top ten, noting the joint "isn't your typical deli". The latkes, made "without eggs and matzo meal" and served with homemade apple sauce, got kudos from USA Today, along with the ribs, braised meats, and parmesans.

Chef/owner Danny Serfer was elated to be named with these legendary latke makers, telling Short Order that it's "pretty amazing to be in a list that included Katz's and 2nd Avenue Deli. I'm very honored and humbled."

If you'd like some of Blue Collar's latkes, they're $10 for a serving on their own. Or, get them as a side with Serfer's famous "Corben" sandwich, a braised brisket sandwich, served on Portuguese muffins with dijon and dipping jus for $19.

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