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Top Ten Home Remedies Using Food For South Florida Conditions

10. Garlic for a scorpion sting

- Sure you city folk probably don't have scorpion problems, but in

rural Dade they do. The sulfur in garlic might neutralize toxins if you

get stung.

9. Mango for heat stroke

- You been outside lately? It's scorching hot. Quench your thirst and

prevent excessive loss of iron and sodium chloride when you sweat by

eating salted, raw mango.

8. Orange juice for kidney stones - Pissing rocks is for the birds. Studies show drinking OJ might help prevent them more effectively than even lemonade.

7. Avocados for hair conditioning - They're high in fat and will leave your wig soft and luxurious.

6. Wheatgrass for gastroblockage - Constipated much? Greens keep things moving, wheatgrass is supergreen.


Lime juice in water for arthritis - Don't let stiff joints stop you

from rolling fat joints, drink one lime juiced into a glass of

water everyday to break down the uric acid that might be hurting you.

4. Coconut oil for eczema - Dry, itchy skin condition? Douse that sucker in coconut oil, supposedly it contains similar ingredients to breast milk.

3. Dry fig for impotence or erectile dysfunction

- Stand up for yourself. Drink a mix of dry fig root powder and milk

every night for a month, increase your sperm count and regulate your

hormonal balance.

2. Papaya for menstruation treatment - Unripe papaya may help with internal muscle contractions to get everything flowing again.

1. Aloe for everything else - Aloe is extremely easy to grow in Florida and has a multitude of uses. It's an everyday miracle plant.