BBQ Recipe for Labor Day: Smoked Brisket, Asiago, and Jalapeno Pizza

​Try this twist on traditional barbecue fare from John Rivers, pit master and owner of 4 Rivers Smokehouse BBQ, the Orlando-based brand that makes some of our favorite super smoky sauces. (Find 'em at Epicure in Sunny Isles if you are out and about this weekend.) 

1) Prepare pizza dough for oven as normal for your kitchen (or, if you have no earthly idea how to do that, just call your favorite pizza place and ask if you can buy a wad of the stuff)

2) Leaving a circle around the outer edge of the dough, layer the following ingredients:
- 4Rivers Smokehouse BBQ Sauce               
- cheddar Mexican-mix shredded cheese                       
- thinly sliced smoked brisket (again, if you don't know how to make brisket, either call someone who has a Jewish grandma or buy some from a barbecue joint)      
- caramelized sweet vidalia onion
- shredded asiago cheese
- tomato, thinly sliced
- diced jalapenos (optional)
and top lightly with parmesan.

3) Put pizza on a grill for 5-7 minutes on low with lid closed until bottom is crispy and cheese has melted

4) Top lightly with more shredded Parmesan and some chopped cilantro. Enjoy!