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Art Basel Miami 2009 Restaurant Guide Vol.2: Wynwood

So you've ditched South Beach-side pretensions, crossed the bridge into Miami, and now all you see are more stuck up Art World tourists gorging at the MidTown troughs of Five Guys Burgers, Lime Fresh mexi, Cheese Course gourmet, and Primo Pizza. You're hitting up every fair from Fountain to PhotoMiami to Digi-A-Go-Go, and all the galleries in between and gotdammit you need energy. Here are 5 great places to eat at that you won't read about in the New York Times. We're gonna leave out the obvious choices of Enriqueta's Cafe, and Clive's Jamaican joint, just follow the lines for those. Also be sure to check out our Art Basel week event guide, and our Art Basel 2009 Miami restaurant guide vol.1 for the Design District.

5. La Fama Cafeteria - 3040 NW 2nd Ave -

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You don't have to go to Little Havana for great Cuban food, this is Miami, it's all around you. Traditionally Puerto Rican Wynwood offers this hidden gem, our Best Cuban Restaurant in Miami for 2009. Do like local business man Hugo Jesus Roca says and venture into a part of the neighborhood that the art fairs don't show you, contribute some money to the local economy, and try the Mondongo, it's tripe soup.

4. Dolly's Cafe - 2003 North Miami Ave -
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If there is such thing as a dive restaurant then this is it, don't be scared, it's excellent. The food is Honduran with a Latin American reach. We love the fricasse de pollo. If you like chicken, rice, and beans, then you will too. Beers by the bottle, pastelitos in a hot box, coffee, water, gatorade, Arizona tea, a vaquero jukebox, superdim lights, mirrors everywhere, and an awesome lady named Dolly at the counter.

3. Choice Cafe - 2750 NW 3rd Ave -

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Not a whole lot of Korean food options exist in Miami. One of the few is in a non-descript ghost mall in Wynwood, and it's the real deal. The cafe is nestled on a beautiful stretch of NW 3rd ave, just a block off the busy-this-year 27th street, but a world away from the wheeling and dealing of art world wham-bams. Check out our $7.95 visit to the place.

2. Restaurant Cafeteria - 2 doors down from Hellbound City Tattoo (254 NW 36 Street)
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A "pan con bistec" is a steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and potato sticks, and at Restaurant Cafeteria it'll only set you back a few bucks. Throw in some fries and a drink and you're still lookin at a cheap, basic meal. There's also more on the menu if that's what you're looking for. This working class joint is full of atmosphere, tight shirt Latinas, and dudes on barstools
. Sorry, recently closed.

2. Heidy's Café and Laundromat - 2804 NE Second Ave
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A fresh handmade tortilla is not easy to find in the city of Miami, but Heidy's Cafe makes them everyday. You can score their special of the day for just 6 bucks with authentic Honduran offerings of chicken, pork, or soup, rice, beans, crema, and farmers cheese. Click here to check out one of our many visits to the place, and try it yourself for a cheap, delicious, and satisfying meal. Also, if you've never had a Batido de Trigo, a sort of milkshake made with breakfast cereal, this is a great place for one.

1. Joey's Wynwood Modern Italian Café - 2506 NW 2nd Ave - 
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Did The New York Times Magazine really do a whole Miami feature on food and culture right before Art Basel and not mention Joey's? Guess they forgot. Joey's spearheaded the Wynwood Café District effort that may have the area more barred up than Dade County Jail by the time next year rolls around. The inexpensive, authentic, and well reviewed Italian joint whose owners are launching a 14 wall street-art project this year is probably all rezzed up already, but if it ain't than you should grab a seat. Joey's is the real deal.