Lime Mex Vs. Rosa Mex: The First Shots Are Fired

Rosa Mexicano opened last week on the ground floor of the architecturally arresting parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road (and by that I mean the architect should be arrested). There are Mexican restaurants popping up all over South Beach, but Rosa's main competition is shaping up to be Lime Fresh Mexican Grill just a few blocks south.

Over the weekend, Lime sent the first troops out to battle: A street team handed out cards (see photo) calling out Rosa for its expensive guacamole -- and, presumably by extension, its pricing in general.

Attendees at the Lincoln Road Cinema across the street from Rosa will also see the same message flashed on the big screen, starting from the beginning of March and running through April.

Lime charges $4.99 for its guacamole, made with Haas avocados and served with a "bottomless" bowl of chips; Rosa bills $14.99. Of course it's not a totally fair comparison, as Rosa offers a more upscale dining experience -- and its guacamole is prepared tableside in larger portions that Lime's. On the other hand, Lime's ingredients are certified humane.

The battle has begun. How will Rosa respond? Is Tacontento screwed? And, for those who would like to weigh in on the issue in the comments section: Which place offers better value, Rosa or Lime? (And I don't mean which is cheaper). And whom do you think will come out on top?

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