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New Restaurant "Docu-Series" Seeks Chefs in Miami

Nowadays, wannabe celebrity chefs are easier to find than your garden-variety line cook. And if you're looking to be the next Paula Deen -- wait, scratch that, maybe the next Robert Irvine -- you're in luck. Another reality TV show is on the way, and producers are casting in Miami.

The show, an unnamed "docu-series," is seeking chefs and restaurateurs who have recently opened (or are about to open) a new business. The series would follow the key players throughout the process, so that means lots of screen time, you fame whores.

Producers are in the early stages of casting at the moment, and they told Short Order that they're on the hunt for top talent.

"We are looking for chefs/restaurateurs along with the key players involved in opening the restaurant to be a part of the show," one of the casting staffers said.

The show is not a competition, but a docu-series of sorts that will chronicle the story of one specific restaurant.

As the promo flyer states, "We will follow you throughout the journey of opening your restaurant; from the hires, the fires, the menu, the design, the price points, the customers, the changes, as we watch your business grow."

Applicants are asked to email their name, city, culinary credentials, a brief bio, and a current photo to [email protected]. So show 'em your good side.

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