Labor Day Bonus: Ten Recipes From Finalists in $100,000 Burger Contest

Sutter Home is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Build a Better Burger contest by holding its high-stakes burger cook-off on September 23, at Collins Park in South Beach. The prize money this year has doubled to $100,000 for the most creative, best-tasting burger -- but you are too late to enter. Seven thousand folks did enter, and now it's down to ten finalists -- five for regular burgers, five for alternative burgers (meats other than beef). You can't attend either, as it's a private event. I don't even know why I brought it up. Oh, right -- because we've got the links to the recipes for each of the final burgers. Meaning ten invaluable ideas to spruce up your grillables this weekend. And let me tell you: These are some of the most outlandishly innovative takes on burgers you will ever see -- including one with strawberry-bbq-bacon, and others with multiple stackings finished off with anything from grapefruit mayo to blueberry mustard.

The proverbial train has pulled out of the station for that hundred grand, but it's not too late to make your Labor Day burgers taste like a million bucks. Take the jump for a list of the ten finalists and links to their competing recipes...