Yom Kippur: Smoked Fish at Blue Marlin and Other Places to Break Fast

Yom Kippur is in many ways similar to ripping off a bandage. Unlike some of our Christian brethren who apologize for their wrongdoings throughout the year and flagellate themselves accordingly, we the Jewish people condense all of that into one depressing day of fasting, prayer, and spending time with extended family.

The best part of this holiday comes tomorrow evening, on the day of Yom Kippur, when at sunset we break the fast. This is often done with a spread of food that is common among Jewish people, like yarmulkes, and degrees from Brandeis University. However, here in South Florida, many of us are separated from our families and might not have the bagels, the cream cheeses, and the assortment of smoked fish available at a relatives' home.

While Jewish and Kosher restaurants will be closed to observe the holiday, here are a few places that will fill your grumbling stomach as the sun disappears over the ocean.