Cafe Prima Pasta's $7 Pasta Deal

​It's getting annoying, this habit of

naming days, weeks, and months after foods in order to promote sales.

Every week I get some email proclaiming National Popcorn Day or National Fig Newton Month or the one coming up next: National Pasta Week.

This will occur the second week in October (10 through

17), so brace yourselves for a slew of deals and spiels, most of

which will not be worth much -- with exceptions of course, such as Café Prima

Pasta, which is offering a different homemade pasta dish each night

for $7. This is what the pasta schedule will be:

Sunday - Fettuccine a la carbonara
Tuesday - Rigatoni al ragú di carne
Wednesday - Linguini al pesto
Thursday - Penne a la Norma
Friday - Rigatoni primavera
Saturday - Gnocchi a la Sorrentina
Sunday - Fettuccine with prosciutto, peas, and parmesan

Café Prima Pasta
414 71st St., Miami Beach