Zak the Baker Takes Us Behind the Bread (Video)

In this increasingly high-tech world filled with internet startups, venture capitalists, and "masters of the universe" vying for their place at the top of the food chain, let's not forget one of the oldest and most noble professions -- the baker.

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The oldest bread was baked around 30,000 years ago, making it a lot older than Google, with bakers providing sustenance for people pretty much since civilization began. In other words, baking bread is important work. And as this amazing video of Zak Stern and his team (filmed by New Times' Adam Hendel) shows, it's fun too.

If the video makes you hungry, Zak the Baker's Wynwood café and bakery is open Sunday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You'll find all sorts of delicious bread to take home, from country wheat to Jewish rye ($6), as well as a good selection of breakfast and lunch items, including homemade soups, open-faced sandwiches, and salads made with local produce.

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