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Exclusive: Jeff McInnis to Open a Restaurant On the Beach

It didn't take long for chef Jeff McInnis to find a new post-Gigi gig: He has hooked up with John Kunkel, CEO/creator of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill restaurants, and will be co-owner of his own place on Miami Beach.

"Kunkel started a restaurant group a couple of years ago called 50 Eggs," Mcinnis explains. "He and I have been talking a bit and we've come up with a concept -- something that really speaks to me, spurs me from the roots."

And that concept is?

"I'll be able to incorporate all the cuisines I studied as a young man. That should give you a little bit of a hint. I'm pretty excited about it. Gigi's was awesome. Amir [Ben-Zion, owner] gave me a lot of opportunity, which I'll be forever in debt to him for. We got to open what I think is the hottest restaurant -- and probably will be for a long time. I mean, Gigi's is kicking butt right now. This opportunity is a little bit bigger and bolder. It speaks to me from the heart. I'm going to be an owner, and there's something to be said for that. I get to work for myself a little bit for once."

Projected opening date? "I'd say probably six months, but you know how these things work in Miami, it could be closer to eight. But this year."

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