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Brickell Life Blogs Club 50 as Bathroom With Best View In Miami

Ever stood at a urinal, looked to your left and said, "Damn. That's one hell of view?"

We're talking about looking out the window you sicko. And if you wanna catch a Biscayne vista that may be unparalleled in all of Miami Dade's club restroom facilities then step to Brickell quickfast.

You've probably heard about the Viceroy, its well reviewed restaurant EOS, and its high in the sky lounge Club 50. But damned if the toilet room don't leave a lasting impression on people's perception of a venue, and we hadn't heard anything about 50's til local blogger Chad from Brickell Life pointed it out in text, stills and video. Now that's multimedia reporting.

He probably looked strange in there holding a camera, but apparently a urinal with a view is indeed a Kodak moment. Know a bathroom with a better view? Leave a comment.