First Bites

Ms. Cheezious Grand Opening: S'mores, Mackin' Melt, and Frito Pie Grilled Cheese (Photos)

Few things have the power to take you back to your childhood the way s'mores, mac 'n' cheese, Frito pie, and grilled cheese do. And there's really no reason, as adults, we should give up any of them, especially when we can have them together -- thanks to the fine folks behind the roving food truck turned brick-and-mortar Ms. Cheezious. "We've been wanting to do these items for a while," says grilled-cheese whiz Brian Mullins. "It was just a matter of waiting for the right time."

To celebrate its permanent location, Ms. Cheezious threw a grand-opening bash Friday night that invited fans and avid followers to nosh on never-before-served items such as the s'mores melt, along with specials from the past five years, which are now a permanent fixture at the MiMo restaurant. In other words, no more hunting down the sexiest sandwich lady in the Magic City for a Southern chicken 'n' waffle melt or short rib melt.

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