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Job Alert - Dine Magazine Looking For Bloggers

Hey times are tough, Short Order understands that, just giving you a

heads up on the possibility of food related supplemental income. Don't

forget who told you. is hiring bloggers. We don't know what the pay is, or if there is any, or even how to apply. The food and wine information portal just underwent a social network based transfusion/redesign, but they forgot to add their email contact info before they launched.

You can see what DineMag is all about through their homepage, subdomains, flickr, facebook, and twitter. If you've got what it takes to make it through all that and find a way to get a hold of editor Katherine Lynch, you can ask her how to apply for the job. Good luck.

Here's the job ad as it appears at the bottom of the homepage. The please apply here link just reloads the page (here it doesn't do anything).