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Overload Extreme Street Food: Consume Mass Quantities at Tropical Park

There are two schools of thought in the eating game.

On the one hand, there are the people who want to eat clean and healthfully. Thinking of their bodies as temples, they look for buzzwords like organic, local, and farm-to-table. They want to know how many days of sunshine graced their arugula and the family tree of their pork loin.

Then there are the people who say, "F**k it, you only go around once. Just eat what tastes good. And eat a lot of it, while you're at it." Overload Extreme Street Food was created for that second group.

Judging by the name Overload Extreme Street Food, you'd expect huge portions of gooey, cheesy, decadent sandwiches. You'd be spot on. This gas-gauge-inspired truck (we kid you not) features oversize burgers and subs.

Burgers get piled on with topping after topping. The I Love You Bleu features a blue-cheese-stuffed beef patty topped with bacon and grilled onions. The Give Me the Farm tops a sirloin burger with goat cheese, salami, and grilled onions.

The Overload Philly Steak Bomb ($8.95) tops a rib-eye steak with provolone, grilled onions, and peppers on a grilled hoagie. Add mushrooms for an additional buck.

The signature sandwich, pan con lechón ($6.95), is pulled pork that's been marinated in mojo, slow-roasted until it falls apart, and then plopped onto a hoagie with onions and potato sticks.

Sides include rice patties, tostones, and fries. Bring your appetite (or a friend or a doggie bag). Because we can't eat organic heirloom tomatoes every day.

Food trucks at Tropical Park tonight from 5:30 to 10. Free parking, but leave pets and glass bottles at home. Trucks include 90 Miles,

Boba Station,

Chamo's on Wheels,


The Fish Box,


Grill Master Cafe,

Kitchen Kabab,

Malanga Cafe,

Monster Burgers,

Ms. Cheezious,

Okay Burger,

Overload Extreme Street Food,

Pardo's Grill Cafe,

Pig Out,

The Pit Stop,

Sir Pizza, Sir Mixx A Lot,

Smoothie Operator,

Sugar Rush,

Tango Grill, and

Vinnys Gourmet Italian Ice. Tropical Park, 7900 Bird Rd., Miami

BTTR tonight from 5:30 to 10. Family- and pet-friendly event with free parking, lawn space for picnics, and a nearby ATM. Trucks include Catered Bliss,

Che Grill,

CheeseMe, The Chill Stop,

Churro Mania,

Clarabelle's Cupcakes,

Daddy's Grill,

Divan Bakery,

Dog Eat Dog,

Dolci Peccati,

Eat Where You Are,

Feverish Ice Cream,

The Flying Saucer, Guiseppe's Italian Sausage,

Happy Greek Chef on 4 Wheels,

Jefe's Original Fish Taco,

Kona Ice,

Latin Burger,

Latin House Grill,

Mangia Mia,

Manila Rice,

The MexZican Gourmet,

Miso Hungry,

Moty's Grill,

Nacho Bizness,

Nacho Mama's Mexican Grill,

Papa's Tapas,

Purple People Eatery,

The Red Koi,

The Rolling Stove,

Slow Food Truck, and

Sugar Yummy Mama. BTTR, NE 127th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami

If you're heading north, check out Dinner on Dixie in West Palm Beach. From 6 to 10 p.m., dine on eats from 4 Alarm Pizza,

The Fire Within,

Kona Ice,

Out of Many,

Press'd Street Food,

PS561, and

Stocked N Loaded. 1800 block of South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach

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