Nemo Is No More, But Will It Be Replaced? (Updated)

​A few months ago, one of Miami Beach's most popular, acclaimed eateries, Nemo, closed. Opened in the mid-'80s, its kitchen was home to Michael Schwartz, Frank *Jeannetti (Essensia), AltaMare's Simon Stojanovic, Brian Cantrell (formerly of A Fish Called Avalon), and Jason Smith (Steak 954 at the W Fort Lauderdale), among others.

But all might not be lost. Nemo will reportedly be replaced by a place called Prime Fish, the newest concept from the Myles Restaurant Group. Though restaurateur Myles Chefetz had been promising us a new haunt for months, a PR rep told us Prime Fish has been "delayed because of design reasons and nothing else." He also said many of Nemo's signature items will be found on the new menu. The restaurant is scheduled to open in the fall with Mike Sabin as executive chef.

"Myles works at his own pace," spokesman Chad Fabrikant says. "He is currently working with contractors on the design and decor and is

due to open at the start of the the season."

Janie Hager, Chefetz's executive assistant, emailed us the following from Chefetz: "Nemo was my first Miami restaurant and after 15 years I'm excited to be developing a new concept in that space. In keeping with the Prime brand, we are looking forward to introducing Prime Fish next season."

In the meantime, we'll just pray for some bigeye tartare and one-pound meatballs to fall from the sky.

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