Neighborhood Joints

Lunch Eater: Elie's Cafe - Kosher Glatt Moroccan Food in Downtown Miami

I mighta been stoned and hungry the first time I ate at Elie's Cafe, which could explain why I was riding my bike through a mall in downtown Miami in the first place, and definitely explains why it took me three years to find it again.

I never got the name of the place, and I never forgot the spicy sandwich with a great sauce on it that I ate or the mango smoothie I drank with it.

Yesterday I caught a Chow reference to a great Middle Eastern (should be North African) kosher chicken sandwich at a hole in the wall on Flagler and had to figure it was the same place.

Elie's Cafe is a Moroccan joint on the second floor of 145 East Flagler Street (between Biscayne and Miami Ave). The spicy chicken sandwich is still there, and is still fuckin awesome, but at $8.95 the price runs steep. It is worth checking out though I gotta mention that when I went yesterday the men's bathroom has its soap dispenser ripped off the wall.