Sweet & Tipsy: Cupcakes and Alcohol

The innocent reputation that has accompanied cupcakes since the dawn of the oven is about the get tarnished. Sweet & Tipsy is a local cupcake company that is going to help change all of that. Alcohol and all.

Bakeries, of course, are not too keen on getting awarded liquor licenses, so owner Veronica Hurtado assembles each miniature cup-tail in her Sunny Isles highrise.

Yes, we know what you're thinking: Can you get drunk off the cupcakes?

"You'll get a stomach ache before you get drunk," laughs Veronica. "But there is the equivalent of about two tablespoons of alcohol inside each finished product." The final result: a mini, liquor filled cupcake with a kick.

Hurtado explains she uses alcohol in more than the pre-baking steps. "Depending on the recipe, the cake could be soaked in alcohol or champagne. And there is also alcohol in most of the frostings."

And of course, the booze belonging to the muffin's cocktail predecessor is always heavily added to the batter.

About a year ago, Veronica was at a crossroads in her career. She vegged out in her beach chair behind her Sunny Isles condo, with a strawberry daiquiri in her hand. She watched the clear blue sky, and thought about everything she could do with her life. She realized she loved the outdoors, the beach, advertising and marketing, baking.

She initially passed on the idea of baking cupcakes. "Too many people do the whole, cupcake thing," she admitted to me. She then took a sip of her strawberry daiquiri and the cartoon light bulb appeared over her head.


Immediately, she packed up her beach stuff, hit the liquor store and then ran up to her apartment to start the baking process. Twelve months later, the result is a sugary sweet menu, containing everyone's favorite cocktails, in miniature cake form.

"Cupcake deliveries for private parties are my favorite," exclaims Veronica. "That, and weddings. I have so much fun. I really love what I do."

Veronica isn't kidding, she really loves what she does. Right now, she personally drives out each cup-tail from her kitchen. Below are some of our favorite flavors.

Until they get the shipping technique down, Sweet & Tipsy's cup-tails are only available here in South Florida. Anyone can pick up cupcake orders in Sunny Isles, or Veronica herself can deliver them anywhere in Dade County for $10 ($15 for Fort Lauderdale). One dozen cup-tails will run you about $20.

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