Cleansing for Christmas with Dr. Etti, Part Two

Here's more from our sexi juicing guru, Dr. Etti Ben-Zion. If you didn't read part one of our chat, go here.

New Times: Everyone's telling me I'm crazy for doing a juice cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas, what with all the heavy foods...

Dr. Etti: It's the perfect time. You are preparing to slow down the garbage. And the quantities are lower.

Meaning, I'll eat less?


How often are we supposed to cleanse? Once a year?

I suggest [a cleanse] at least twice a year. If they can, do it four times. To finish with the authlysis process [Editor's note: see Friday's interview for a definition of this term], you need to do three days minimum.

I doubt I can handle another full-on cleanse after Christmas and before New Year's Eve. Is it worth just doing just one day?

If you want to go through an introduction just to see just what juices are, you can do one day. But not to experience any therapeutic process. What the cleanse really does is... the body erases old patterns. It breaks down physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional barriers to our full potential. So the more you do it, the more you will be able to experience that unshelling of many years of accumulated layers of -- can you use the word 'shit?'

You can in a New Times interview. How much does this program cost?

The private is $975. You meet with me every day for an hour and fifteen minutes. You do very deep individual core work with me. You are getting my psychotherapy skills, my movement, my holistic health counselor and my PhD is holistic doctor of nutrition. And, of course, you are getting the juices. We do five days of juices with core work, then on day six we do smoothies--transition work--and on day seven it's reintroduction to best food ever.

What do you make your smoothies from?

A combination of seeds, usually sunflower and sesame milks that I'm making from the seeds. And then I'm putting superfoods in them. It could be seaweeds, hemp seeds, avocado, coconut crème, berries, activated barley, agave...

And the Day Seven menu?

Fruit salad with hemp seeds and on top, raw chocolate truffles. There can be avocado, my carrot pulp muffin [Editor's note: recipe coming tomorrow!]... chard quiche, whatever... then they take lunch and dinner to go.

No steak, huh?

After age 25, the meat you eat ferments and putrifies in the body. And you've heard death starts in the colon. Flesh is hard to break down.

Gotcha. What if somebody just wants the juice?

One day is $65. That's four juices.

What are the benefits?

It's like, I call it a "heart lift": you get a facelift, looking 10 years younger. Losing a lot of baggage. Just total sense of well-being. It's like, I'm the same but something is totally enhanced in me. This comes, of course, by stimulating the immune system and moving the lymphatic system, which is the garbage carrying system. Essentially there's a total overhaul. We do it to our cars but never for ourselves. We take better care of our cars than we do for ourselves.

And what if you can't afford to do all this or if you just don't have the time?

The simplest thing we can do--even if you don't come to me-- is every day is connect to something so essential, so simple, and that's our breath. And drink good, quality water. Some sort of great thing with happen.

Tomorrow we'll share her recipe for apple and carrot pulp muffins. Yes, this is the kinda stuff you should be eating in advance of your annual holiday horse-it-down.