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Free Sonnema Vodka at the Murder Lounge at Fountain Art Fair 2009

Some people like weed with their vodka. They usually end up stupefied on the couch at the party staring at the wall and mumbling to themselves.

Other people like herb with their vodka, for them, there's Sonnema, a vodka with natural herb flavors added.

Last week and over the weekend at Fountain Art Fair 2009 Sonnema Vodka was serving free drinks, mojitos when we were there, in the fair's Murder Lounge.

Sonnema Vodka, or VodkaHERB as they call it, is Dutch and based on centuries old gin distilling traditions and spice blending techniques perfected when the Dutch were a global force in the high seas spice trade.

The company describes their VodkaHERB's flavor profile as "Complex and aromatic with a hint of rosemary, cedar and juniper. Taste: well-balanced mouthfeel with a smooth, palatable finish."

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