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Mr. Brainwash Creates Giant Burger King Mural for Art Basel; Zak the Baker Visits

From the first cave paintings of people hunting, food has always been one of the primary subjects for great art.

And, as humanity evolved, so did food-related art. From lifelike still lifes of fruit bowls and wine bottles to pop art soup cans, sustenance for the body has always intrigued the artist, whose job is to nourish the soul.

At this year's Art Basel, fast food gets its turn in the spotlight with an interactive mural unveiled by pop artist Mr. Brainwash, featuring iconic Burger King food.

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The mural depicts a giant Burger King Whopper and fries -- and that's not all. The artist invites you to experience what it's like to be the king by sitting on a "throne" with a crown atop your head while "eating french fries." You're then invited to share your adventures by using hashtag #BKBrainwash on social media.

The Paris-born artist, best known from the Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop, was commissioned by Burger King to paint the mural as a way for the Miami-based fast-food giant to be a part of Art Basel weekend. Mr Brainwash, also known as MBW, said, "The mural I created was inspired by Miami's multicultural lifestyle and the colorful juxtaposition of street art. The mural is meant to encourage interaction between people that walk by and the wall." Also, French fries.

The mural has already garnered much attention, with local movers and shakers such as Adriana De Moura, Katrina Campins, and Zak the Baker stopping by for a chance to wear the crown.

The mural will be on display throughout December outside GAB Studio at 225 NW 26th St.

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