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John McAfee: Accused Murderer, Meth Lab Operator and Sushi Enthusiast

Sushi lovers be warned. You're favorite spot might be mobbed in the coming days by a horde of reporters, photographers and onlookers looking to get a glimpse and word from John McAfee, the eccentric software pioneers who's been on the run in Central America for more than a month and landed in Miami yesterday.

His first meal in town was sushi. "Nowhere special," McAfee said on Thursday. Later that afternoon he -- along with reporters -- got down on a festive-looking spread at SushiSamba Dromo on Lincoln Road. The restaurant's manager Maximo (wouldn't give his last name) said McAfee was simply "having a nice multicourse lunch. It wasn't anything like a feast."

Yet judging from New Times reporter Michael Miller's photo, McAfee spared no expense and despite claims of being broke isn't letting it stand in the way of a lust for nigiri. Miller reported that McAfee spent more than $400 on lunch. He said he's received "sacks of cash from friends in Canada which was very nice" and that more than 50 people have given him their credit numbers, including one with a $100,000 limit who said "spend whatever you want."


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If you really want to get a glimpse of the man -- accused of murder and running a meth lab out of his house - just scour sushi joints on South Beach.

"I love it and I haven't had it for two years," McAfee said. "I would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I could."

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