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Capriccio On The River Coming Soon

A new restaurant is opening on the Miami River. A sign has risen in front of the walkway of the swanky high-rise Brickell on the River's North Tower, near Tobacco Road and The Capital Grille. Follow the brown-brick road and you're led to the back end of the tower where there's a huge terrace and walkway with lounge-like furniture that still hasn't figured out where it's going. Boats passing by the front of the restaurant are as intrigued as we are and even stop to take a look at what's coming.

Capriccio is the name, and what we can gather from that and the Twitter is that it's Italian and will be a salad, panini, pizza & bar restaurant. Seems there's a counterpart in Doral, although the Doral location appears small, much more casual, and lacks the pizza, or so tells us the picture of the menu posted up on twitter, which leads us to their Doral Facebook page. More pictures. Caprese salad, some sort of chicken, pasta, and carpaccio. Looks like more than just panini's and pizza.

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We can't tell much more other than that its owners are taking a risk with a large restaurant space that might be difficult to fill on a day to day basis in this location. No coverings on the glass windows and doors that runaround the restaurant give us a preview of the space, which contains a wood-brick oven area and counter where on it sits the largest Nutella possibly known to man. Floors and walls are mainly marble with wood panels and mosaic tiles implemented in a few key areas, like the two visible bars. One of which gives a view of the kitchen and next to a glass and LED lit wine looking cellar. Besides LEDs, there's also some LCDs and square, dark wooden tables of four with contrasting suede almost turquoise chairs.

According to the people working on the premises, an opening is planned very soon, although we've been by several times and haven't coincided with one of the two owners who are busy going back and forth between Capriccio and trying to open up shop.

Should be interesting to see what their game plan as far as concept and dishes go, and if a restaurant on the river, even if it's the Brickell On The River, will survive, especially in this precise location where parking is difficult even for guests visiting the condo North Tower where Capriccio will open doors soon.

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