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Lunch Eater: Camila's Brazilian Food All-You-Can-Eat Buffet in Downtown

Camila's Brazilian Food Restaurant (129 SE 1st Ave) is a real Brazilian restaurant populated by real Brazilians eating real Brazilian food, watching Brazilian tv, and talking in Portuguese. That has been the case each of the 5 to 9 times over the past few years we've gone there for their do-it-yourself all you can eat buffet. They also won our Best Brazilian Restaurant 1999.

Fine dining it ain't, steam table it is, so grab a plate and work your way down the salad bar (veggies, fruits, prepared salads, and eggs), holler at the rice and beans, serve yourself some noodles, load up on some chicken, beef, and pork, grab some bread, choose a table, order a drink and enjoy. The food tastes more homemade than restaurant and the beans are smokey. Get up and do it again as many times as you can. The total price of lunch buffet, refillable soda, and included 10% gratuity is about $14.