Farewell, Smith & Wollensky Roast Beef Hash!

There's nothing worst than sitting down to a meal at an established restaurant and finding out that your favorite dish is no longer on the menu. Generally, restaurants slash items that aren't selling well, are out of season or are just too costly.

However, Short Order is baffled by the disappearance of the roast beef hash at Smith & Wollensky on South Beach. This was a Sunday Funday staple at the South of Fifth steakhouse, a chance for rowdy regulars to fill up on meat and potatoes before imbibing their fifth Dewar's.

The popular dish consisted of the waterfront eatery's perfectly cooked cubed hashed brown potatoes, chunks of roast beef and was topped with two poached eggs. Once broken, the poached eggs coated the hash with a velvety, rich layer of yolk. It was filling, delicious and old-school. And then it disappeared off the menu months ago. With no warning.

Occasionally, if you were lucky, the chef would prepare it for you. As recently as three weeks ago, we were able to surreptitiously order the hash, although the chef warned us that this would be the last time he would make the dish. This, despite the fact that our waiter told us he is asked about the hash on a daily basis.

Short Order spoke to Smith & Wollensky's corporate PR team, who said, "The general consensus is that the dish simply wasn't ordered enough to justify keeping it on the menu year-round. However, it will certainly be considered for future seasonal specials--especially after receiving this feedback from you. We are constantly evaluating the Smith & Wollensky menu to ensure that it remains a collection of timeless classics, prepared to perfection."

Long live the roast beef hash!

Smith & Wollensky
1 Washington Ave., South Beach