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The Flat Brings Verrines to Miami

Though last month we stated that the Flat, a place south of Fifth planned to open later this month, would serve tapas, things have taken a new turn. It will set out to be a place unlike any other in Miami, borrowing traditions from France where its owner is from.

Verrines will be the sole focal point of the menu.

French 101: a verrine is an appetizer or dessert that consists of a number of diverse ingredients, flavors, components, and textures layered and showcased artfully in a small glass.

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Everything at the Flat, from the food to the cocktails, will come in a glass. No plates. No fuss. Just 12 verrines, salty and sweet, and a unique cocktail menu that's promised to have fun tricks and ingredients. Chef Giuseppe "Beppe" Galazzi, former executive chef at Sardinia Enoteca, will lead the kitchen as well as the consulting of the Flat and plans to implement a diversity of international culinary influences while keeping the verrines clean and simple.

They are designed to complement the cocktail menu and overall feel of the Flat.

"When I was told about the idea of introducing verrines to Miami, I was really captured by the overall concept and challenge" says the Italian chef, who is also involved in the kitchen of the Bice Group's Locanda Sibillia. "It's the perfect portion to satisfy those that want something small before they go to dinner or something more before they go home to bed as we will be serving food later than most."

He also tells us the menu should be finalized soon.

We await with empty glasses for both food and drinks.

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