Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes a Holiday Treat Worth Searching For

When I grew up, Little

Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes were as synonymous with Christmas

tradition as hanging lights and trimming the tree. I looked forward to trips to the grocery store so that I could get my

hands on the colorful box sooner. But i recent years, my appetite has

waned and I don;t usually see these treats at the supermarkets.

But on a recent, cool winter night, the craving for that tree-shaped

yellow cake with creme filling, decorated with white frosting, green

sprinkles, and a red garland of frosting hit me. I had to have them!

The first store I tried was the

Milam's on US-1 and SW 32nd. I searched the aisles and

found nothing. An employee said there were none and so I headed on to the Publix on SW 27th Avenue. They had Little Debbie's,

but not the Christmas Tree Cakes. And Zebra Cakes just wouldn't do.

Where to next? How about the Winn-Dixie on Coral Way and 32nd

Avenue? I scanned

the shelves of the cookie aisle. They had snacks and lots of them.

Just no Little Debbie's.

Defeatism began to set in. Just then, as I turned the corner, a whole display devoted to the products of the

red-headed girl in novelty cowboy hat and blue plaid shirt! While

they didn't have the vanilla cakes that I so fondly recalled

devouring as a kid, they had a chocolate flavor I hadn't tried before.

At this point, Christmas Tree Cakes were old hat. Chocolate would do. My craving was satisfied... for the time being.

Individually wrapped, they come five to

a carton ($1.79).And if you take the time to visit the website, you can locate the stores closest to you that carry your sin of choice.

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