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Kobe Club Not Cooked After All

We just received word from Terry Zarikian, Director of Product Development for China Grill Management, that Kobe Club Miami's closing is only temporary -- the steak house will reopen at the beginning of August. Why the confusion?

"The New York Times misreported the closing of Kobe Club Miami by omitting a key part of my telephone conversation with their reporter, Florence Fabricant. I said 'Kobe Club will temporarily close after next Saturday, but it will re-open in August, when  Miami Spice starts, and goes thru the end of September, and continue to be open as is when our season kicks in."

Here's the shocking part -- or, in light of the news media's sinking reputation, perhaps not so shocking: When Zarikian emailed Fabricant to ask about the omission, she responded "Terry: I did not have enough space to add that a reopening is planned."

New The New York Times motto: All the news that fits.