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Jennifer Rubell's Basel Breakfast Washed Out By Superstorm Sandy

Besides depriving your great aunt in Astoria, Queens of power for more than two weeks, Hurricane-Superstorm Sandy also put the kibosh on Jennifer Rubell's breakfast-cum-art exhibit held annually at her family's Wynwood gallery.

Gallery Director Juan Valadez said Rubell, who lives in New York City, was working on the installation, but it was damaged beyond repair during the storm. He didn't say what, if anything is being planned in its place.

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Rubell's annual breakfasts have been a highlight of the week of art peddling and parties. In 2011 the even, titled Incubation, began with two woman encased in a glass cubicle culturing small jars of yogurt. Patrons were then handed the vessels and led toward a pedestal overflowing with honey. Sweetening the thin yogurt meant either scooping in bits of the nectar or trying to catch drops falling from above.

Valadez said exhibits "Alone Together" and "Oscar Murillo: work" will open on December 5 as planned. The first features works by 31 artists displayed in 29 separate rooms. The latter is a collection of the Colombian artists first solo exhibition, comprised of work only created during Murillo's five-week residency at the Rubell Family Collection this past summer.

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