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LIV's Blue Vice a Cocktail for Hipsters and Smurfs

Who named LIV's new Hpnotiq-inspired

signature cocktail? I did! And who'll drink this blue beverage

made with a blend of vodka, cognac, and tropical fruit juices? Some

say Smurfs and Avatars. Others think it'll probably be the

Pitbull-and-his-entourage-look-alike crowd. I didn't create the

monster, I only saved it from a sorry name such as South Beach Betty.

Blue Vice ($12) is 2 oz. Hpnotiq, 1 oz.

blueberry vodka, and a splash of lemonade: a little sweet for my

taste. Says Jimmy Vargas, Director of Sales and Marketing at LIV,

"Hpnotiq is a long-standing partner with LIV and we have plenty

of exciting programs over the next few months with the brand."

Blue Vice will have an indefinite shelf life on the cocktail list.

4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach