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Sip On This: Alcoholic Chocolate Milk

The slogan is "Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof." What adult wouldn't want to bring back childhood memories sipping on chocolate milk while getting a buzz? That's what the creators, Tracy Reinhardt and Nicki Halbur, from Orange County, California thought when they came up with Adult Chocolate Milk last month.

"It's in a class of its own...Adult Chocolate Milk has no direct competition and in a world full of flavored vodkas, it stands alone. It is truly a pour and serve drink." says Halbur.

Right now you can purchase a 1L bottle for $19.99 and 750ML for $16.99 at select retailers through a distributor located in Miami, Southern Wine and Spirits. Currently the only places selling this chocolate booze is in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. So while we will have to wait a bit here in Florida to get our hands on this tasty treat, we won't have to wait forever. They plan to distribute nationally and Florida is on their list hopefully before the holidays.

Not a fan of chocolate milk? Well, don't worry. There are other yummy flavors brewing like Adult Orange cream, Adult Fruit Punch, and Adult Limeaide. Hmm, we're thinking that these drinks might get us into trouble. Vodka-infused chocolate milk? How quick do you think that will go down?