EVOS Burgers Coming To Miami, Eventually

EVOS has signed an agreement with Foodies Miami Inc.(headed up by Roland Rafuls and Rosana Emanuelli) for three franchise locations to be opened in South Florida "by early 2011". Which begs the question: What is EVOS?

According to the release:

EVOS offers a full menu of burgers, fries, and shakes that contain half the fat and calories without sacrificing taste. EVOS' beef is raised humanely and naturally, free of hormones and antibiotics.  Original Airfries are baked in specialty ovens rather than deep-fried. Lower-fat milkshakes are made naturally with organic milk.
EVOS started up in 1994, and "from construction materials to food ingredients, the company uses green practices to run a sustainable company". EVOS was recently named "the greenest burger chain in the US" by Greenopia, an environmental directory. I think Greenopia might have been a catchier name for the burger chain than EVOS, but what do I know?

The first location has a projected opening date of late 2009; "Site selection is currently underway."  Um, if they don't have a site yet, I would project an opening date of very late 2009 -- as in 2010. And that much I do know.