Kitchen Gadgets

Ice Trays That Think Outside the Cube

August in Miami can be unbearably hot. Sipping something cold full of ice cubes seems like the best alternative to cooling down. No need to settle for a standard square ice cube tray anymore. Here are a few of our favorite ways to express yourself through ice!

Ice Invaders
For the true gamer in everyone, these ice invaders look great whether you're sipping your Mountain Dew while fragging an opponent, or cooling that Tequila on the rocks you've been fantasizing about all day at the office. $7.49 at Perpetual Kid

Bottle Ice Trays
It seems everyone walks around with bottled water these days But there is nothing worse than the taste of water that 's been sitting in plastic. You should probably be drinking your water faster, but if you have to let it linger these bottle ice cubes are designed to fit through most sports bottle openings and extend the life of your refresher. $1.99 at Current Catalog.

Cool Beans
Are you tired of paying more than $2.99 for your iced coffee only to have it diluted with melted ice cubes after 15 minutes? Well the folks at Cool Stuff express have come up with a way you can keep your coffee cool without watering it down. Just fill the tray with coffee the night before and in the morning pop some in your home brew. No need for a barista. $ 7.95 from Cool Stuff.

Ice Straws
Remember how much you used to love Crazy Straws as a kid and watching the Kool-aid work its way up to your mouth?. These Ice straws may not have the same swirly pattern, but they offer the same excitement as you watch your Planter's punch work it's way up the icy tube and hit your mouth with a cold blast. The catch here is that you have to drink fast....because the straw melts and you definitely don't want to water down that cocktail and have to sip it from the glass. $ 10.95 at Cool Stuff Express

Jazz Ice Cube Trays
Swizzle stick and ice cube in one. No need to use your spoon(or finger) when stirring up your sipping rum. Both you and the rum will be rocking with this guitar shaped ice cube. $7.40 from Amazon.