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Unique Eats: Cooking Channel Films at My Ceviche, Yardbird, Pubbelly

Unique Eats, which showcases America's most exciting restaurants from high-end dining rooms to casual neighborhood treasures, and sometimes even visits eateries with no permanent address, wrapped up filming in the Magic City this past week.

The 30-minute show packages segments of unique dishes chosen in a particular category such as meat, wine bars, comfort foods, and desserts. It showcases the thought process behind a dish and then shows a chef preparing it. Commentary from food writers, chefs, restaurant consultants & owners, and other foodies adds wit and fun.

Take for example, chef and TV personality Lee Ann Wong, who in the episode below asks a very important question: "What could be more simple and more delicious thank a nice juicy linked piece of meat ... on a plate?"

The answers is Daniel Boulud's sausage selection at DBGB.

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Now some of our city's own may be be lucky enough to share the limelight with the French master chef. We wonder what Lee Ann Wong will have to say about the chefs, restaurants, and the uniquely prepared dishes that made the cut. Alright, alright, we've teased you enough.

Here are Miami's Unique Eats (according to Cooking Channel):

Josh's Deli
Josh Marcus turned Chow Down Grill into Josh's Delicatessen & Appetizing not even a year ago, and already it's going TV viral. Cameras must have lost focus on the selection of meats offered at this quaint surfside deli. Although we're told the star on set was Josh's colossal white chocolate chip pancake with caramelized banana, we're thinking he will be on several episodes. Say charcuterie, sandwich, and breakfast. Maybe even Unique Eats: Pickles, since those are also made in house. A girl can only dream.

My Ceviche
We love My Ceviche. In fact, it made our list of best new restaurants of 2012 probably for the same reason that Cooking Channel paid the affordable spot a visit. It's fresh and delicious. Here you have ceviche your way by picking its size, protein, style, and salsa. We would really like to see the ventanita featured on an episode about burritos. Their fish burrito would surely call for some interesting commentary from our favorite foodies.

Eating House
Wakin-N-Bacon was call time for the film crew at the once pop-up, now permanent Coral Gables establishment. The now popular brunch, dubbed Wakin-N-Bacon, will be featured in what we can only assume will be a brunch episode. Cap'n Crunch pancakes and chicken & waffles with house made spicy ranch are a few of the items that made the cut. No stranger to TV, Rapicavoli will be sure to do something to stand out. He wore Jordan's and a bright orange watch on Chopped, and chugged down a box of Cap'n Crunch for us. What's next?

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
No surprise here. Chicken hasn't been this exciting in a while, and American's love the fowl. Especially when it's fried. Moreso when it comes from James Beard Award Semifinalist Jeff McInnis. We can't wait to see the chef of Unique Eats fame getting his hands dirty with some poultry and flashing those American blue eyes at the camera. Green tomato blt, mac & cheese, and shrimp & grits were Unique's Eats' choice for dishes filmed at Yarbird. How uniquely can mac & cheese be made? We're not quite sure, but we'll get to know firsthand from McInnis himself. Hopefully on an episode dedicated entirely to mac & cheese.

La Camaronera
2013 is looking like a big year for David Garcia and his seafood joint that just launched table service. Camera's rolled just in time to catch La Camaronera in its fresh expansion. Guests can now sit and enjoy their uniquely fried whole fish while being served on by waiters. No more standing and trying to get your fish on. Although this might have made for some good TV drama. Also caught in action: breaded shrimp and minuta sandwich.

Pork belly and tapas were some of last year's most annoying food trends. Who said that? Oh that's right. We did. But we didn't mean it in regard to these guys. They led the pork belly revolution when Pubbelly opened a little over two years ago. This and their perfectly executed small plates invited others to do the same and call it unique. Sure enough, no one has been able to beat the gastro-pub at their own song and dance. Must be why the establishment that paved way to Pubbelly Sushi, Barceloneta, and now PB Steak was left for last in the filming of Unique Eats. We don't exactly know what was filmed here, but we can only hope and/or imagine that it's everything on their menu, as it's all camera-worthy.

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