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Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 2, He's Back!

When the Vegan Black Metal Chef released his first video, we fell instantly in love. Here's a chef who uses a ritual knife to cut his tofu and asks the dark gods to assist in his mastery over all things soy-based.

The Vegan Black Metal Chef is back and at it again. In this video, he demonstrates his dark powers over vegetables with three dishes: All-Star Redneck Medley (an unholy combo of mashed potatoes, baked beans and corn), Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms and Peppers in Truffle Oil (we're guessing the dark ones pretty much anoint themselves in truffle oil), and Vegetable Pasta Upon the Throne of the Apocalypse (the sauce signifies the endless boiling lava pools of hell...or something).

Like any good chef, Vegan Black Metal has his cooking tools, a ritual knife and a pentagram altar cutting board. And, like any chef, he has a full kitchen staff (well, in this case they're demons from the underworld). In any event, here are three vegan recipes to enjoy before the world ends.

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